What Kind of Burger Are You?

1. If you had a day off to do anything, what would you do?
a) Sit on the couch and watch my favorite old movies
b) Go to the theatre to see the latest blockbuster movie
c) Watch all day reruns of NCIS

2. If someone asked, "Do you like Phish?", you’d reply:
a) “Only if it is deep fried”
b) “No, they make boring pets”
c) “Yes! I’ve been to over 50 shows!”

3. What is your favorite thing about Craft Beer?
a) The varieties, including seasonal and limited editions
b) Beer goggles
c) Supporting local breweries

4. What goes best with a Freakin’ Burger?
a) Freakin’ Fries
b) Jalapeño Poppers
c) Deep Fried Pickles

5. For exercise, I like to...
a) Push the button on the remote
b) Bike ride on beautiful Michigan back roads
c) Meditate
6. Where would you go for your dream vacation?
a) Venice, Italy
b) Camping in the UP
c) Beach vacation in Hawaii

7. My favorite type of comedy is...
a) Improv
b) Slapstick
c) I don’t like comedy

8. When I get a burger, I usually order...
a) A single (I am afraid of commitment)
b) A double (Double the pleasure)
c) Not going there

9. Which of these would you add to your bucket list?
a) Skydiving
b) Holding a baby Koala bear
c) Find inner peace

10. What is the meaning of "FREAKIN’ UNBELIEVABLE?"
a) Crazy amazing
b) Uniquely incredible
c) Ridiculously extraordinary